FeatureMap integration with Trello

Add more dimensions to your boards in FeatureMap
Build your Trello boards from the big picture in FeatureMap

1. Visualize the structure of your Trello boards (based on your lists, and labels) by importing boards into Maps.

2. Once you have defined the big picture in FeatureMap, you will be able to turn your map in 1 or several boards, setting the structure and the labels of your Trello boards from FeatureMap.

View your Trello Boards in 2D/3D

Trello is widely used as list management solution. Many teams use it as KanBan board. FeatureMap helps you leverage Trello by giving you additionnal dimensions. This capacity fosters a better understanding of the project shape and stakes.

From the big picture to an operational board

FeatureMap is the tool you need to build and capture your vision / your roadmap / big picture. Once the big picture is set, you are ready to realize it and can turn your big picture into actionnable lists of tasks in Trello.

1 big picture, several boards

With this integration, you can create several boards in Trello from one map in FeatureMap. This is a way to split a big picture into several projects for different teams. For a same project, for example, Marketing will have its own board, as well as Sales , R&D etc...

Embrace the completeness of your Trello board with FeatureMap
Get Trello and FeatureMap integrated in less than 3 minutes

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