Minimum Viable Product visualization tool
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FeatureMap is a MVP visualization tool to build and visualize MVP - aka Minimum Viable Product.

With FeatureMap, build and visualize your MVP, make collaborative decisions and organize the follow up of your MVP with a validation MAP.

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Shape and Visualize a common big picture

You know it! In order to reach your objectives you need to set them. Drawings are the most powerful means to convey your target, but hardly updatable. Words, on the opposite, can be moved but are not visual. Getting the best of both, you can build a map of your project which provides a physical shape to your big picture and the power and accuracy of words. FeatureMap is the tool we use to shape the big picture collaboratively and then share it with our stakeholders.

Do the right thing and do it right!

FeatureMap delivers a unique ability to conceal the big picture with the operational view of the project. At glimpse you have your target and your progress towards the target. With the flexibility of digital sticky notes and the power of digital, you can reshape your project whenever you want and easily communicate on the changes.

Share and collaborate to make the right decisions!

We live in a world in which collaboration among different roles bolsters decision making. Building a MVP is not a stand-alone activity. Different people have their valuable inputs such as UX experts, marketing, technical team and many others. FeatureMap brings all these stakeholders around the same map of your project, and with real-time features, notifications, comments, support a true collaborative decision making process.

MVx is a state of mind!

We have built FeatureMap following concepts such as Lean Startup and Story mapping. We now do MVx (x for projects, products, services, presentation...) for lots of topics. Lessons learned: world is going fast. Deliver and test ASAP. Learn, improve or pivot!

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