Simple project management tool
for small businesses

FeatureMap is a project management tool made for small businesses & startups.

With FeatureMap, build your project plan, track your team tasks and get things done super easily.
It's simple, visual & collaborative.

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Organize it
your way

Simple and flexible as using sticky notes on a wall.
No long training or complex methodology to learn.

Collaborate from everywhere, real-time!

Access to your project from everywhere.
Real-time collaboration with your team and clients on shared maps.

No more complex

Start collaboration in less than 5 minutes.
No complex subscription, we manage hosting & security for you.

« We develop software for a consulting bureau both for external and internal use. [...] We are looking for a new project management tool to use with Scrum. I am very impressed with FeatureMap and think it is filling a gap. »

Jes Mandrup - Ennova

Our users are small companies and startups:

Simplified Project Management with your Team
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