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How FeatureMap works

How FeatureMap works

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Some FeatureMap applications:

User Story Mapping

FeatureMap helps product owners to organize their product backlog by creating digital user story maps/ The agile team collaborates in real-time on this global & prioritized board to update their daily tasks.

Marketing Plan

FeatureMap helps marketing leaders to get a global view of their projects (marketing campaign launch, marketing strategy, event organization...).
Marketing team collaborates in real-time with project stakeholders on a simple and clear project board.

Project global To-Do list

FeatureMap helps project managers to get a clear and organized view of the tasks for the entire project team.
FeatureMap provides instant visibility on project status and deliverables.

Bridging Product Management with Project management:
Integration with Atlassian JIRA

FeatureMap connects to JIRA to facilitate the transition from the strategy and the visualization of the big picture to a project mode.

With FeatureMap you can also retrieve project information from JIRA and visualize its organisation in a map. Visualization of your project will help you make better decisions. With FeatureMap, you have a unique view of Product Management and Project Management status.

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Devbridge Group
Exact Target
General Electric
Groupe ESC Troyes
MGH Education
Proto Labs


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Julien Julien
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FeatureMap is a product built by Salience, a growing consulting & tech company located in France.

Our vision is to help people to build better products and run successful projects with great softwares.

We are passionate about how teams build new products. By collecting these stories, we have started FeatureMap in order to help great ideas to turn into real products.

That’s why we are dedicated to support you. Everyday we are fitting FeatureMap to your needs, in order to keep your projects even more simple, collaborative and visual.